Our solidarity project in collaboration with the Amae and Vicente Ferrer Foundation

ALMA is BIBA's symbol that drives, promotes and develops women's empowerment.

The people who make this project possible

This project was born from a group of women artisan producers in Anantapur (India). ALMA is created by women who suffer discrimination as they belong to one of the most disadvantaged groups in Indian society.

Alma is a doll born from the imagination of Akhama, an Indian seamstress from Anantapur, and is produced by hand.

The creation process

Alma appeared in 2015, from that moment on she has become a symbol of the brand, and of empowerment.

You can collaborate with the "ALMA by BIBA" project by buying one. The amount is entirely destined to the development of its workshop.




The Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Committed to development since 1969, with the process of transformation and empowerment of the most impoverished and discriminated rural areas.

We believe in people and in the power of action. We work with local communities affected by discrimination and poverty to achieve sustainable development and social justice.